HONEST CARS JAPAN is a small company recently started in japan owned by KIYOMI MATSUYAMA, operated by himself, his wife JENIFER MATSUYAMA and his mother in law CINTIA CAVALINI.


The name of our company comes from our policy. We are a christian company founded in the HONESTY, TRUST and TRUTH.


The owner KIYOMI MATSUYAMA is in charge of international sales. He has experience in translation, interpreter, human resources, management, industry and computer.
He likes studying, playing musical instruments and going to church. He does a volunteer work as a pastor on weekends and speaks Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and a little English.

The owner`s wife JENIFER MATSUYAMA is in charge of domestic sale. She has experience in
inspection and assembly of electronics parts.
She is very beautiful and has a wonderful voice, she likes singing, cooking, going shopping, watching movies, chocolate, and going to church.
She speaks Portuguese, Spanish and a little Japanese.

CINTIA CAVALINI is in charge of domestic sale and office work.
She has a lot of experience in teaching, and sales.
She is very funny, she loves animals, talking to people, Facebook, pets, restaurants and going shopping.