Terms of Service

These Terms of Service ( hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) define the conditions of use of the Services (hereinafter referred to as the “Service” ) offered by HONEST CARS JAPAN ( hereinafter referred to as ” our Company “) . In order for registered users ( hereinafter referred to as “users”) to use this service in accordance with these terms.

Article 1 (Application)
These Terms apply to everything related to the use of this Service between the user and our Company.

Article 2 (user registration)

1. The candidate who wishes to register must do it in accordance with the rules of our Company. Only if there is our approval will the registration be completed.
2. The Company may refuse the application for registration in the following cases below , and for this reason does not assume any disclosure obligation.
(1) When there is false information in the registration application.
(2) If it is an application of a person who has violated this term.
(3) Minors, persons with mental problems who are unable to make decisions on their own, or who depend on an assistant or legal representative, or who do not have the permission of their assistants or representatives.
(4) Be of anti-social forces such as gangsters, gang members, right-wing organizations, anti-social force, and others, the person who is qualified to be similar to this. If the company judges that there is involvement such as finance others through the maintenance of such anti-social, management or similar forces and is doing some kind of exchange or involved with antisocial forces to collaborate or participate in management.
(5) When our Company judges that the user registration is not appropriate.

Article 3 ( User ID and Password Management )

1. The user must manage their user ID and password for this service on their own responsibility.
2. Under no circumstances may the user assign or lend the user ID and password to any third party. The Company, when there is a login with the combination of the user ID and password according to the registration information, assumes that it is being used by the registered user himself.

Article 4 (usage fee and payment method)

The user must pay for the use of our Services according to the fees displayed on this site, payment must be made in the ways specified on our Company site.

Article 5 (prohibited subject)

When using this service, the user should not take the following actions.
(1) Acts that violate laws or public and moral order.
(2) Acts relating to criminal acts.
(3) Acts of destroying or obstructing the function of our server or network.
(4) Acts that may interfere with the operation of our services.
(5) Acts of collection or accumulation of personal information, etc., relating to other users.
(6) Acts of representing other users.
(7) Acts to provide profit, directly or indirectly, to antisocial forces in connection with our services.
(8) Acts of prejudice the Company , other users of our service, third party, intellectual property rights, publicity rights, privacy, honor, any other rights or profits.
(9) The act of posting or sending an excessively violent expression, a sexually explicit expression, an expression that leads to discrimination of race, nationality, creed, sex, social status, family origin, etc., an expression that attracts or encourages the use of drugs, suicide, mutilation, any other expression that has antisocial contents that cause discomfort to other people.
(10) Act for the purpose of other profit, business, promotion, advertising, solicitation (except those approved by the Company.), act for the purpose of obscene or sexual act, act with purpose of meeting or relationship with strangers of the opposite sex, act for the purpose of harassment and defamation against other customers, act of using this service for other purposes than the purpose intended for using this service.
(11) Other acts we consider inappropriate.

Article 6 (suspension of provision of this service etc.)

1. The Company for the following reasons may cancel or stop providing all or part of this service without prior notice to the user.
(1) When service provision is hampered by earthquake, lightning, fire, power outage, natural disaster, or by force majeure.
(2) In addition, where the Company determines that it is difficult to provide this service.
(3) When the computer, communication line, etc. cease due to an accident.
(4) When performing the maintenance, inspection or updating of the computer system related to this service.
2. The Company shall not be liable for any damages, damages related to the user or third parties due to the stopping or interruption of the provision of the Service, or for any other reason.

Article 7 (copyrights)

1. The user may use the service to publish or edit only phrases, images, video, etc., with the necessary permission of the copyright holder or when the user has the necessary intellectual property rights of the copyright, etc. .
2. In relation to the copyright of texts, images, videos, etc., that the user has posted or edited using this service, is reserved for the user and other existing rights holders. However, the Company may use the phrases, images, videos, etc. that have been published or edited using this service, and the user will not exercise the moral rights with respect to such use.
3. Except as provided in the previous paragraph, in relation to the copyright and other intellectual property rights of any information of this service or related to this service is totally attributed to our Company or the right holder who authorized its use for our Company, you may not duplicate, transfer, rent, translate, modify, reproduce, make public transmission (including enabling transmission), transmit, distribute, publish, use for business, etc. without permission.

Article 8 (Limitation of use and erasure of registration)

1. Our Company may without prior notice, delete data from postings, cancel user registration, limit in whole or in part the use of our service to the user in the following cases.
(1) In case of violation of any provision of these Terms
(2) When it is discovered that there is a false fact in the entry items
(3) When there is a petition for bankruptcy, civil reorganization, corporate reorganization or the decision to initiate procedures for special liquidation, etc.
(4) When there is no use of this service for 1 year or more
(5) When our Company sends notices for answers or questions and there is no response for more than 30 days
(6) By being covered by each heading of Article 2 (2)
(7) In the event that we believe that the use of this service is not appropriate
2. The user who falls under any of the items of the previous paragraph will of course lose the benefit of the time of his obligations to our Company, and from that moment the user must immediately repay all the debt at once.
3. The Company assumes no responsibility for the damages caused to the user by the act performed by the Company pursuant to this article.

Article 9 (Denial of Warranty and Disclaimer of Liability)
1. Our Company does not expressly or implicitly guarantee that there is no real or legal defect in this service (including failures related to security, reliability, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, compatibility with a specific purpose, security, errors and bugs, violation of rights etc.)
2. We are not responsible for any damage caused to the user due to this service. However, the agreement between the company and the user (including these Terms of Use) on the service, in the case of consumer agreement, as stipulated in the contractual right of the consumer, this exemption does not apply.
3. Even if foreseen in the previous paragraph, our Company did not assume any responsibility for an illegal act or non-fulfillment of an obligation due to our failure (except for gross negligence) to cause damages to the user among them damages due to special circumstances (including when the occurrence of damage is predicted or predictable by the Company or the user). In addition, compensation for damages caused by an unlawful act or noncompliance with an obligation for failure of our Company (except gross negligence) shall be limited to the service charges paid by the user of the month in which the damage occurred.
4. Our Company did not assume any responsibility for negotiations, contact, dispute, etc. that occur between the user and another user or third party, using our service.

Article 10 (Changes in the content of the service, etc.)

Our Company may without prior notice to the user, modify the content or stop providing the Service, and we do not assume any responsibility for damages caused to the user because of this.

Article 11 (Change of Terms of Service)

We may change this agreement at any time without notifying the user if we deem it necessary.

Article 12 (Notification or contact)

The notice or contact between the user and the Company must be made according to the method specified by the Company.

Article 13 (Prohibition of Transfer of Rights and Obligations)

You may not transfer your position in the contract of use or your rights and duties based on these Terms to third parties nor provide as a guarantee without the prior written consent of our Company.

Article 14 (Applicable Law and Jurisdiction)

1. The interpretation of these Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
2. In the event of a dispute with respect to this service, the exclusive jurisdiction shall be in the court having jurisdiction over the location of the central office of the company.